A Helpful Breakdown Of Reasonable T Bedding Strategies

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A palace statement late on Wednesday said the king's "blood pressure lowered and breath quickened". It said his liver and kidneys were not working properly and he remained on a ventilator. The unprecedented concern over his health has caused stocks and Thailand's currency, the baht, to tumble. The Stock Exchange of Thailand closed down 2.5%, its lowest since the end of May. A government spokesman urged people to rely on official announcements for updates on the situation, rather than on "uncorroborated information in social media circles". Image copyright Reuters Pink, for luck - ผ้าปูที่นอน Jonah Fisher, BBC News, Bangkok A day of rumour and speculation ended with a statement from the Royal Household Bureau. Three days after it was first announced that the king was in what's being called a "not stable" condition came confirmation that he was not doing any better. Outside the hospital hundreds of well-wishers - many of them dressed in pink - for luck - prayed for King Bhumibol. Having first acceded to the throne 70 years ago - he has been a source of stability and unity - for a much changed and still deeply divided nation.